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Christmas Theme Find the Missing Number Level 2 Numbers 11-20

Have you ever played, “I Spy” with ornaments on the tree? Or helped your children search for that mischievous Christmas elf? Or played hide-n-seek in a field of Christmas trees? If so, you know how engaging and fun these “missing item” activities can be!

But, did you know they also pave the way toward valuable learning? That’s right! When children engage in Hide-n-Seek or I Spy games they form deeper understandings about object permanence, visual discrimination, and counting (3, 2, 1, Here I Come)!

Digital Christmas counting game for Kindergarten.

When we task children with inserting the missing number, they can draw on those very same skills they have perfected through play! Keep your students engaged this year with plenty of holiday themed activities throughout the month of December.

Christmas Theme Find the Missing Number Level 2 Numbers 11-20 is designed to help young learners become fluent with sequencing numbers. Each slide contains three numbers on Christmas trees. Students must fill in the missing numbers in the sequence by clicking and dragging the appropriate numbers into the empty boxes.

Level 2 features two missing numbers as opposed to one missing number in the Level 1 activity. The slideshow includes numbers 11-20. And it’s coming to you wrapped in a cozy white Christmas theme your students won’t be able to resist.

Download this irresistible Christmas activity for kindergarten today! It’s NO prep (unlike those gingerbread houses), and practices a highly valuable math skill.

Digital Christmas counting game for Kindergarten.

Number Flexibility

Number flexibility is the ability to ‘see’ numbers in various ways. For example, the number 10 is actually 1 ten plus 1 one, or it is 8+2, or it is 10 less than 20. This concept becomes increasingly important as young mind’s learn about numbers by counting, skip counting, grouping, classifying, ordering numbers and more!

As students move on to more advanced math worksheets and concepts like addition, subtraction, fact families, and more, they gain a real sense of order and consistency when it comes to numbers.

Good number flexibility allows children to delve into problem solving with confidence and understanding.

Digital Christmas counting game for Kindergarten.

How to Use Christmas Theme Find the Missing Number Level 2 Numbers 11-20

Click on the link below. Then, choose which version you want: Google Slides, Seesaw, or self-checking Boom cards. When you clink on the appropriate link, it will open in the appropriate app and you’re good to go.

Remember to make a copy of the Google Slides version so it is your very own editable copy. In Slides, just click on the number to highlight the box in blue and drag it when the cursor resembles a plus sign with an arrow on each end.

In Seesaw, use the Text tool (click on the large T) to be able to highlight each number to move it.

Boom cards provide the amazing feature of self-checking. However, keep in mind you must be connected to the Internet for Boom cards to work.

Free digital counting activity with a Christmas theme.

Adapt the Activity for Individual Learners

  • Practice counting as a group before students begin working on individual slide shows.
  • Create a whole class game out of the activity by projecting it onto a screen and taking turns to come up to the board to find and drag the missing number.
  • Plan an engaging, yet structured holiday party by rotating through centers, including this math activity for kids, a Christmas craft, guess the white elephant gift, and Christmas caroling.
  • Ask students to count each number sequence orally before moving on to the next slide.
  • Provide scaffolding with number charts for those who need it.
  • Challenge students to try starting with the last number and counting backwards to find the missing number.
  • Print the slides and laminate to practice writing the missing numbers 10-20 in the boxes with dry/wet erase markers.
Digital Christmas counting game for Kindergarten.
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