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Digital Farm Theme Kindergarten Sight Words Activities

Sometimes I like to picture learning to read like a building project. The more tools you have in your tool box to use, the easier it is to complete the project! Identifying letters, practicing letter sounds, and learning sight words are just a few of the many tools we can give our children to help make learning to read easier. Digital Farm Theme Kindergarten Sight Words Activities provide your child with interactive ways to practice their kindergarten sight word list and help fill up their vocabulary tool box!

Free Farm Theme Sight Words Digital Activity for Kindergarteners

This sight word freebie will go along perfectly with your farm lessons for kindergarten.

Each slide has a cute farmer, haystacks full of letters, and three ways to practice basic sight words for kindergarten.

Teaching Kindergarten Sight Words:

Sight word practice for kindergarten is a wonderful way to strengthen reading skills.

Ultimately, we want to provide our students with the skills they need for reading comprehension. Reading comprehension means they can not only say the words in a text, but also understand what they mean!

By teaching sight words, we increase the number of words that a child can automatically recognize without needing to decode them. This helps them to improve their reading fluency (speed they can read) and focus more on comprehension!

The Dolch Word Lists are one of the most common lists of sight words. There are lists for emergent readers just being introduced to sight words (pre primer) all the way up through 3rd grade level.

Sight word games, flash cards, digital sight word activities, and hands on practice building and reading sight words are all great ways to practice.

Incorporating this sight word activity into your farm theme unit lesson plans is an easy way to provide your students with some digital interactive sight word practice this school year!

The slide for the word "good" from the digital farm theme kindergarten sight word activities.

How To Use This Sight Word Activity For Kindergarten (Free!):

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Once you open the link in your email inbox, you will be given the option to click on the Google Slides or Seesaw version.

If you are using the Google Slides version, be sure to follow the prompts to “Make a Copy” of the activity.

Once you have a copy you will be able to interact with the activity and share it with your students.

Open the slide for the sight word you want to practice.

Have your child read the sight word aloud, or read it to them.

The slide for the word "like" from the digital farm theme kindergarten sight word activities.

For letter recognition practice, you can also have them identify the letters that they see in the word.

Use the keyboard to type the word. Finding and pressing the keys is good practice for hand/eye coordination.

Finally, drag and drop the haystacks into the box to build the word.

The slide for the word "pretty" from the digital farm theme kindergarten sight word activities.

Continue on to another sight word slide for more practice!

Other Ways To Use This Farm Activity For Kindergarten:

  • Provide your child with letters on the table that they can practice building the word with after they are done the digital slide. Magnets, stamps, foam letters, and letter stickers all work great for this!
  • Keep a dry erase marker and board handy to practice writing the words. If you child needs some extra support, you can write the word first and let them trace it.
  • Have a sight word hunt in your favorite farm books. Can your child find the Dolch sight words in books as you are reading?
  • Ask your child to use the word in a sentence. This can be an awesome speech and vocabulary building activity! (Bonus points if they can create the sentence using a farm theme!)
Free Farm Theme Kindergarten Sight Words Digital Activity featured square image.
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