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Digital Addition to 10 Winter Themed Kindergarten Activities

“IT’S SNOWING!” is at the top of my kids’ list of favorite things to say! One of their favorite things to do once the snow starts falling is run to the window and try to count all the snowflakes they see. Of course, they always quickly find that it is an impossible task and eventually give up, but it does occupy them for a few minutes and give them practice counting. Digital Addition to 10 Winter Themed Kindergarten Activities is a fabulous way to bring the activity of counting and adding snowflakes to your little one in a digital, interactive way!

Snowflake addition digital activity.

Kindergarten addition facts to 10 is one of my favorite math skills to teach. The learning activity possibilities are truly endless!

In this digital activity, learners will count the number of snowflakes of each color, drag the corresponding numeral into the box, and create a number sentence. This activity provides children in kindergarten addition to 10 skill practice, as well as practice with numeral identification and one to one correspondence.

Useful Tools For Teaching Addition Facts 1 to 10:

If you are working on teaching addition facts to 10 there are endless math worksheets and addition to 10 online games that your kids can play.

Sometimes though, you may find that they need some extra support and tools.

Here are a few useful tools and strategies that may help your little one as they practice adding:

  • Number Bonds: Working to break a number apart into two smaller numbers can be a good tool for building number sense.
  • Ten Frames: A ten frame is a 5 by 2 rectangular grid that is used to help with counting and addition. Learners can use counters, mini erasers, or another manipulative to fill in the squares and find the sum of an addition problem.
  • Picture Addition: Introducing addition by using problems with images instead of numerals is a great first step in learning how to add. Drawing a picture can also be a great strategy for kids learning to add.
  • Number Line: Counting on a number line is another awesome visual resource that some kids find very helpful.
  • Word Problems: Bringing math problems to life through stories and word problems is a wonderful way to capture the attention of learners of all ages!
  • Manipulatives: Counting bears, mini erasers, snap cubes, and even food can make addition hands on and really bring it to life for little ones.

This is by no means a list of materials and strategies that you need to use every time you do addition problems!

As we know, every child learns differently. The list above is just meant to provide you with some tools to help your learner and provide them with support no matter what type of learner they are.

Snowflake addition digital activity.

Other Easy Addition and Counting Activity Ideas:

  • Winter crafts for kids are a great opportunity to practice counting and adding. How many buttons and stickers do you have altogether?
  • Play Christmas decoration I Spy! I Spy with my little eye a decoration that has 4 items. I Spy with my little eye an ornament that has 5 stickers.
  • Count objects in the illustrations of your favorite winter themed books! See if your little one can come up with an addition problem to match any of the pages.

How To Use This Digital Activity:

After you enter your email address below to get a copy of this activity, you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link in your email and choose the Seesaw or Google Slides version to use.

Once the activity is open, you will be able to drag and drop the numbers into the boxes at the bottom of the slides.

Little learners will follow the instructions at the top of each slide, which states “Use the tiles to build the problem.”

They will count the white snowflakes and drag the corresponding number into the first box. Then they will count the blue snowflakes and drag the number that matches those.

If they automatically recognize the math fact that they put into the boxes they can drag the answer into the sum box at the end of the problem. If addition is a new skill or extra help is needed, they can go back and recount all of the snowflakes together to get the answer.

Addition up to 10 snowflake digital game.

Other Ways To Practice Math Skills With This Activity:

  • Provide a manipulative like counters or mini erasers for hands on counting practice to go along with the slides. Marshmallows or another winter themed snack also make a great edible manipulative!
  • Add some movement into the activity! If the sum of the problem is 6 have your little one do 6 jumping jacks or hop 6 times.
  • Print out the slides for some no-prep counting mat addition worksheet. Slip the slides into a clear plastic sleeve and you have a reusable kindergarten worksheet that little ones can practice writing their numbers on.
  • Use this activity to begin to talk about how addition and subtraction are related. How many snowflakes would be left if you take away two?
  • Compare the number of blue and white snowflakes on each slide. Which group of snowflakes is greater? How many more white snowflakes are there then blue snowflakes?
Snowflake addition digital activity.
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