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Free Fall Theme Digital Preschool Letter Recognition Activities

F is for Fall and A is for Adorable Alphabet Activities! You can never have too many letter recognition activities! My little ones love learning alphabet letters! (And I love teaching them!) Free Fall Theme Digital Preschool Letter Recognition Activities will get your child excited about practicing letter recognition and leave them begging to do more!

Fall themed alphabet recognition digital activity for preschool virtual learning

This free digital letter recognition activity is like a letter scavenger hunt for little learners! They will love searching for the upper and lowercase letters on each slide!

The simple sentences that appear on each slide are perfect for pre-readers! They will love reading along with you as they work through the activity!

What Literacy Skills Should Preschoolers Know?

Preschoolers are sponges! They soak up the world around them and are constantly learning more and more everyday!

Through reading books and simple alphabet activities, your little learner can gain so much knowledge and strengthen their literacy skills!

The following are some skills you can work on with your preschoolers to help them be successful when the time comes for them to learn how to read:

  • Concepts of Print (How do books work? We read words from left to right and top to bottom! When we finish a page we turn it and go to the words at the top of the next page! Illustrations help tell the story!)
  • Story Structure (stories have a beginning, middle, and end)
  • Letter Recognition (the ability to identify upper and lowercase letters)
  • Letter Sounds (the sounds associated with each letter)
  • Simple Sight Words (words that commonly appear in stories that little ones can memorize to help with reading fluency)

How To Teach Letter Recognition to Preschoolers:

Repetition is key when it comes to letter recognition!

The more exposure little ones have to letters the better!

That’s why preschool letter recognition printables and digital activities like this one are so beneficial! They provide plenty of opportunities for little ones to practice their letters!

Interactive and hands on activities will make learning letters more memorable for students! Play alphabet games and sing songs about letters to help little learners better remember!

Use your little ones knowledge of shapes to your advantage when teaching uppercase and lowercase letters! (For example, the capital A has a triangle in it, and the letter O is a circle, etc…)

Keep your little learner interested by switching up activities when they start to lose interest or get bored!

Setting up alphabet centers for preschool using a variety of different activities (tactile experience with a sensory bin, letter match games for kids, digital activities like this one, etc…) can help keep children interested and engaged in learning!

Finally, one of the best and easiest things you can do to help your little one with letter recognition skills is READING books with them!

How to Use This Alphabet Activity For Preschoolers:

Fall apple themed alphabet recognition digital activity for preschool virtual learning

Click “Get Your Activity Here” at the bottom of this page, and enter your email address. A link to the digital activity will be sent to your inbox!

You can use this learning activity with Google Slides, or See Saw. Just pick which version you want to download!

If you are using Google slides , you will be prompted to “Make a Copy”. This is an important step that will ensure you can share the activity with your students and they can interact with it!

Once the activity is open, keep it in “edit” mode and let the letter practice begin!

Fall leaf themed alphabet recognition digital activity for preschool virtual learning

Help your child read the instructions at the top of the slide. They will click and drag the letter to the correct location based on the directions! (Clicking and dragging is good fine motor skill practice!)

Talk with your little learner about the letter they are working on and the other letters that appear on the slide! Do you see any words that you know? What sound does that letter make? Do you see any other letters you know?

Other Ways To Use This Letter Recognition Activity For Preschool:

Fall themed alphabet recognition digital activity for preschool virtual learning
  • Develop vocabulary skills by asking your learner if they know any other words that start with the same letter as the word on the slide. If they don’t know any then give them some examples!
  • If your little one has mastered identifying the lowercase and uppercase letters you can begin to work on letters and sounds! Do you know what sound the letter a makes? Listen to the word “apple”, what sound do you hear at the beginning?
  • Keep a bin of wooden, magnet, or foam letters nearby while working on the digital activity! Have your child find the letter you are practicing, and they can even try to build the words apple, pumpkin, leaves, and nut using the sentence on the screen to help with spelling!
  • Play a fun game of Letter I Spy! I Spy the first letter of your name! I Spy the letter that starts the word “fall”! I Spy a letter that makes the “ah” sound!
  • Create a free printable alphabet worksheet! Print out the slides, slip them into a clear plastic sleeve or laminate them, give your little one a dry erase marker, and have them circle the letters a, p, l, and n that they find on the papers!
Fall themed alphabet recognition digital activity for preschool virtual learning
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