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Hot Cocoa Numbers 1-20 Kindergarten Math Activity

The holidays don’t seem the same without a snowman mug full of creamy, chocolatey, hot cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows!). My kids love to watch the marshmallows as they melt into the warm frothy goodness in their mugs. They also make sure to count the marshmallows to make sure they both have the same amount (ahhh…sibling rivalry). This yummy-looking Seesaw activity not only gets our tummies growling, but also helps our students practice one-to-one correspondence, counting, and number recognition skills. The free activity can also be used with Google Slides, so feel free to choose the best option for you and your kids. Mmm… I can already taste the foamy cloud of whipped cream and melty hot chocolate bar.

Kindergarten numbers 1-20 counting activity with a hot cocoa theme.

Learning About Number Recognition:

numbers for kindergarten count to 20


It’s important for children to learn number recognition in order to solve problems, use one-to-one correspondence and cardinal numbers. Math for kindergarten activities help children make sense of information.

These free Seesaw activities for kindergarten numbers 1 – 20 can be used with a laptop, PC, tablet, or a Smartboard.

The hot cocoa counting slides include numbers 1 to 20.

Children can participate in this activity as a large or small group, in pairs, or individually. What a great math center game for young children to practice tricky teen numbers 11-19 and practice base ten.

In addition to learning about number recognition and one-to-one correspondence math here are some more ideas for what you can teach about:

  • Which mug has the most marshmallows?
  • Which mug has the least amount of marshmallows?
  • How many more marshmallows does this mug of 8 have compared to this mug of 5?
  • If I have 15 marshmallows in my mug and give 4 marshmallows to a friend, how many will I have left?
Count to 20 and practice one to one correspondence by placing the correct number of marshmallows in the mug.

What Can Children Learn About Counting?

teen numbers kindergarten games


  • What does 8 look like in a group?
  • How many marshmallows will be needed for everyone in class?
  • What number comes after 5?
  • If you try the activity again, will you get the same results?
Place the correct number of marshmallows in the mug to practice counting and one to one correspondance.

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How To Use The Seesaw and Google Slide Hot Cocoa Mugs

How to Get the Activity

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  • When you open the file you can click on the format that you prefer to use: Google Slides, Seesaw and/or Boom Cards®.
  • If you are downloading the Google Slides version you will be prompted to “Make a copy”.  This is an important step you need to complete to make sure you get an editable version to share with your students!
  • In Slides, make sure you are in “Edit” mode, as opposed to “Present” mode. You will see the “Present” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • In Slides, just click on the symbol box to highlight it in blue and drag it when the cursor resembles a plus sign with an arrow on each end.
  • If you choose the Seesaw version, click the Seesaw image to instantly add it to your Seesaw library.
  • Use the Text tool (click on the large T) to be able to highlight each symbol to move it.
  • To upgrade to self-checking Boom Cards®, click on the image to purchase the deck to use with your students.
  • Finally, if you choose self-correcting Boom Cards, remember you must be connected to the Internet in order for the cards to work.
Choose the version of digital activity you prefer

When you have the Seesaw or Google slides downloaded, have your children take turns identifying the number, using counting principles and placing the same amount of marshmallows in the hot cocoa mugs. This is the perfect game for the holiday season.

Teen numbers kindergarten math activity. Place the correct number of marshmallows into the hot cocoa.

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Unique Writing Experiences

Practice writing number symbols and number words with pencils, crayons, markers, or fingers.

Race to the Finish

Have students compete to see how quickly they can count and place the marshmallows in the mugs. Will they be faster than the teacher?

Take it Hands-on

Try some hands-on counting by using manipulatives or real marshmallows to play along with the digital hot cocoa activity. This is also a great way to incorporate addition and subtraction in the early childhood classroom.

Hot cocoa theme kindergarten counting activity to practice numbers 1-20 and one-to-one correspondence.
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