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Free Digital Farm Theme Color Activities for Preschool

Farms are full of things children love. Adorable animals, big tractors, and vibrant colors are everywhere! These Free Digital Farm Theme Color Activities for Preschool combine all three of these favorite things into an activity to help with teaching colors to preschoolers. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this fun color match activity that can be used with Google Slides, Seesaw, or Boom Cards!

Farm Theme Color Matching Game for Preschool

In this colorful farm themed activity, preschoolers will find the correct color match for the farm animal riding on a tractor. Using their finger or computer mouse to select the response on the digital activity is great practice for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

This preschool color activity is free and will be a good addition to your farm unit this year.

What Activities Help With Learning Colors For Preschoolers?

We know that children learn best from hands on learning activities. Here are some ways that you can work on the skill of color recognition for preschoolers.

Color Mixing Activities

Mixing colorful ice, colored water, and finger paint are all perfect ways to practice colors in a playful way!

Busy Bags

A busy bag is simply a bag filled with materials for an activity that will keep your child busy! They are awesome because they are reuseable, easy to transport, and super simple to put together!

This color matching busy bag and rainbow counting busy bag are just two examples of interactive ways to practice colors.

The slide for the color "green" from the free digital farm theme color activities for preschool.

Color Sorting

Color sorting is another great way to practice color identification for preschool. Sorting objects helps to develop your child’s critical thinking skills.

You can sort toys and craft supplies by color. Both simple things you probably have lying around your home!

Sorting small supplies like colorful beads and pom poms are both really good for strengthening fine motor skills.

Sensory Bins

Combining sensory play and color practice is a wonderful way to work developing color skills! This rainbow sensory bin is the perfect activity to do just that.

As children play in the sensory bin they can pick out objects and name the color, or you can ask them to find an object of a certain color. They can also work on matching objects that are the same color!

How To Use This Preschool Learning Activity:

No matter if you are remote learning, homeschooling, or in the classroom, this preschool color activity will fit perfectly into your lesson plans.

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When you click on the link to download, you will be given the option to open the Google Slides or Seesaw version. If you are using the Google Slides version, be sure to follow the prompts to make a copy of the activity.

Each slide has the directions “Find the correct color”.

As your child identifies the color of the animal, they will then pick the haystack that has the matching color.

Once they have made the correct match they can go on to the next slide.

The slide for the color "black" from the free digital farm theme color activities for preschool.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

  • Write the name of the colors onto index cards. As your child finds the correct match see if they can also match the color vocabulary word.
  • Have a color hunt while you work on your digital activity. Once the match has been made on the computer, your child can go find an object from around your home or classroom that is the same color.
  • Use the activity to promote vocabulary and language development. Ask your child questions! What is the name of that animal? What sound does that animal make? What does that animal eat? Do you know any other animals that are the same color as that one?
Farm Color Matching Hay Digital Square Featured Image
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