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Free Life Cycle of a Chicken Preschool Activities for Google and Seesaw

Spring is a great time to learn about life cycles. As baby birds begin chirping outside and new flowers sprout from the ground, children often become curious and begin to ask questions. That makes a great opportunity for teaching about life cycles. This Free Life Cycle of a Chicken Preschool Activities for Google and Seesaw is a fun, interactive way to practice identifying the stages of a chicken life cycle.

Free Chicken Life Cycle Digital Activity

This life cycle of a chicken for kids activity provides practice for identifying the stages of the chicken life cycle for preschoolers, as well as helping to develop vocabulary words.

Why Should I Teach Life Cycles:

There are a variety of things your child can learn when you teach about life cycles during a life science unit!

  • Life cycles help children understand connections in nature.
  • Children can gain an appreciation and respect for nature when learning about life cycles.
  • Learning about life cycles can help develop and strengthen vocabulary.
  • Life cycles help children understand how change can happen.
  • Sequencing can be taught through life cycles.
The free digital activity slide for the full life cycle of a chicken.

What Will This Chicken Life Cycle Activity Teach My Child?

This activity will make a great addition to your chicken life cycle lesson plans for preschoolers or to your farm unit. Here are the stages of a chicken life cycle that are shown in this activity.

  • A mother hen lays an egg
  • An embryo grows inside the egg
  • The egg hatches and a hatchling emerges
  • The hatchling becomes a baby chicken (chick)
  • The chick grows into an adult chicken

Some other questions you can research and talk about with your students are:

  • What are the differences between male chickens (roosters) and female chickens (hens)?
  • What do chickens eat?
  • How do chickens stay warm?
  • How many eggs can a chicken lay?
  • What do you need to do to raise backyard chickens?
  • How does the life cycle of a chicken compare to life cycles of other animals?
  • Would a chicken make a good pet? Why or why not?
The Life Cycle of a Chicken slide for a chicken.

How To Use This Life Cycle Of A Chicken Activity For Preschoolers:

After you enter your email address below, head to your email inbox. Open the download link and choose the activity version you need, either Google Slides or Seesaw.

Open the life cycle of a chicken lesson plan activity for kids in whichever digital platform you are using.

The first pages of the activity give practice with vocabulary. Your child will drag and drop the word that correctly identifies the stage shown picture.

A full life cycle image is also included, and children can drag and drop each stage in the correct order to complete the life cycle.

The Life Cycle of a Chicken slide for a hatchling.

Other Ways To Use This Chicken Life Cycle Activity :

  • Write the stages of the chicken life cycle onto index cards. Let your child practice reading the vocabulary words and putting them into the correct order.
  • Print out images of the stages of the chicken life cycle and make a fun matching activity to go along with your index cards you create.
  • Acting out the stages can be a fun chicken life cycle preschool activity that will get your children moving.
  • Make this into your own printable chicken life cycle worksheet. Print the pages of the activity, cut out the words, and have your child paste them into the boxes.
  • Write a story about the life cycle of a chicken. Create a fiction story about a chicken who laid an egg. This can be a fun activity for creative writing!
  • Print out the completed slides of this activity and use them as a poster or on your science word wall to introduce new vocabulary.
  • If you are using this activity during a farm theme unit, talk about the job of a farmer and what types of things they may need to do in order to raise chickens.

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Free Chicken Life Cycle Featured Square Image
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    1. Hi Laura, It seems that you may have a blocker on your device that is preventing you from seeing the download section. Unfortunately, I cannot send activities another way, so I would recommend looking on another device or internet connection. Also, the download section is ABOVE the “see more activities”, not under. Hope that helps!

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