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Play Dough Ten Frames Digital Counting Activities for Kindergarten

Kindergarten and preschool children love counting! It’s a wonderful sound to hear the satisfaction in little voices as they recite numbers and count aloud… one, two, three, four, five! My children are enthusiastic about any activity that allows them to practice counting, and play dough themed activities are an added excitement! Play Dough Ten Frames Digital Counting Activities for Kindergarten are a fantastic way to bring counting to life for little learners!

Free digital play dough ten frames.

Whether your child is working on counting activities for preschoolers and just learning to count 1 to 10, or they are working through kindergarten math, this activity is perfect for them!

What Are Ten Frames?

Ten is a magical number! Ten fingers and two tiny hands make a wonderful counting tool for little ones!

Ten Frames are another great counting tool!

Ten Frames are rectangular grids that have two rows of five columns. They are a great manipulative for teaching and learning counting skills and the skills of addition and subtraction!

Ten Frames help with decomposing (breaking down) numbers, and seeing how a number relates to ten.

They are also an awesome way to get students familiar with the base ten system we use in math!

In this Digital Activity, students will virtually play with play dough and count the number of play dough balls that are in the Ten Frame they are presented with on the slide!

Learning to count with a free digital ten frame game.

What Math Concepts Should My Kindergartner Know?

In Kindergarten students learn to connect meaning to numbers. This means that they can not only count numbers sequentially, but they can also attach a quantity to the number!

Kindergartners work on mastering number recognition and writing numbers, and begin to compare numbers!

This Digital Ten Frames activity is great practice and reinforcement for all of these skills and counting for Kindergarten students!

How To Use This Digital Activity:

After you click “Get Your Activity Here” and put your email address in you will receive an email with a link to the activity!

When you click on the link you will be prompted to choose either the Google Slides version or the Seesaw version!

If you are downloading the Google Slides version, be sure you click “Make a copy”. This will ensure you get an editable version to share with your students!

Now you will be able to share the activity via Google Slides or Google Classroom with your students! All they need to do is make sure the activity is in “Present” mode and it will be self-checking for them!

Once your students have opened the activity in “Present” mode they will count how many of the Ten Frames are filled with play dough. After they count and determine the amount, they will click on the number!

If they are correct, they will move on to the next slide! If they are incorrect, they will be given an opportunity to try again!

Self checking play dough themed ten-frame game.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

How To Extend The Learning!

If your little one has already mastered the skill of counting objects and is looking for a challenge, here are some questions you can ask to extend their learning and thinking with this playdough activity!

  • Addition and subtraction! How many more play dough balls would you need to make ten? What is the difference between 7 and 3? How much play dough would there be altogether if you added 4 and 5?
  • Compare numbers! Which slide has the greatest amount of play dough? Which slide has more play dough? Is 9 or 2 a larger number? Is 6 or 1 a smaller number?
Screenshot of a play dough ten frame for the number 10.

Do You Need a Printable Version? Click Below:

Build the number two with play dough and fill in the matching ten-frame with balls of play dough

Make It Hands On!

Digital Activities are wonderful, but if you are looking for a hands on counting activity for your lesson plans, this can easily be converted to a printable math worksheet! We have a coordinating set of Play Dough Ten-Frame Mats to make it a hands on play dough activity!

  • Have your little one roll small balls of play dough (great for fine motor skills development!) and place them on top of the pictures as they practice counting!
  • Laminate, or put the papers into plastic sheet protectors and work on the skill of writing numbers by having your little one trace the digits at the top of the page.
  • Make it into a mind reader math game! I’m thinking of a number that fills less than 5 boxes, is even, and is greater than two. What number am I thinking of?
  • Give your learner three different slides and have them order them from least to greatest, or greatest to least!
  • Pick ten-frame mats to give your child. Have them compare the two numbers! (They can even use the play dough to make a greater than, less than, or equal to symbol!)
Play dough ten frames 1-10.
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