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Digital Donut Theme Copy AB Pattern Activity for Preschool

Patterns are a fun and important math skill to teach preschoolers. We love to practice creating patterns in my house with blocks, stickers, and even food. While donuts are a delicious treat, and I’m sure my children would not object to using them to make patterns, they don’t make the best hands on manipulative! So, I decided to create a virtual way for us to use one of our favorite foods to make patterns. This Digital Donut Theme Copy AB Pattern Activity for Preschool is the perfect place to start for practicing and learning patterns.

Free Donut Theme AB Patterns Digital Lesson

Each slide is full of colorful donuts in an AB pattern and has a place for your child to recreate the pattern.

No matter if you use the digital version, or the printable activity, you will have a fun and interactive way to practice copying patterns.

Teaching Patterns To Young Children:

Types of Patterns:

  • ABAB
  • AABB

Ways to Teach Patterns:

There is no right or wrong way to teach patterns! Here are a few different ways you can work on patterns.

  • Pattern recognition. As you introduce patterns, see if your child can learn to recognize a pattern. It can be as simple as alternating colors or shapes.
  • Copy the pattern. This digital donut activity is a copy the pattern activity and a great place to start with teaching patterns. Learners look at a pattern, and then make a copy of the pattern they see.
  • Extend the pattern. Once children can recognize and copy patterns, you can see if they are able to extend a pattern. This just means that they are continuing to build the pattern using the sequence they see.
  • Create your own pattern. See if your child can create their own pattern! AB patterns are the most simple to start with, and they can get more complex from there.

Activities for Teaching Patterns:

I have found that hands on activities, interactive activities, and activities that encourage playful learning are the best for keeping children engaged and excited about learning!

Free Donut Theme ABB Patterns Digital Lesson
  • Use shape pattern activities.
  • Explore patterns using pattern blocks.
  • Hands on pattern activities like this copy the pattern donut printable is the perfect way for your child to practice patterns.
  • Use beads to create fun patterns!
  • Play pattern games with your child where you take turns creating, extending, and copying patterns.

Engaging YouTube Videos About Patterns for Kids

Toys for Learning About Patterns

 Constructive Playthings – EDX-147 Toys Translucent Pattern Blocks, Set of 147 Pieces, Various Shapes and ColorsConstructive Playthings - EDX-147 Toys Translucent Pattern Blocks, Set of 147 Pieces, Various Shapes and Colors Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity CenterEducational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center Learning Resources Beads and Patterns Card Set, 130 PiecesLearning Resources Beads and Patterns Card Set, 130 Pieces Learning Resources Three Bear Family Pattern Cards, Homeschool, Early Math Skill Learning, Bears Not Included, Ages 3+Learning Resources Three Bear Family Pattern Cards, Homeschool, Early Math Skill Learning, Bears Not Included, Ages 3+ Melissa & Doug Bead Sequencing SetMelissa & Doug Bead Sequencing Set


How To Use This Interactive Pattern Activity:

Enter your email address below and check your inbox for a link to the activity. Once you open the download, a file will open containing the printable activity and links to the Digital Google Slides and Seesaw Activities.

Digital Google Slides and Seesaw:

If you are using the Google Slides version, follow the prompts to make a copy so you can share the activity with your students and interact with it!

If you are using the Seesaw version, use the “T” (text tool) to interact with the slides.

Have your child identify the AB pattern that they see on each slide. Then have them drag and drop the colored donuts into the empty boxes to copy the pattern.


Close up of the printed Donut Theme Copy AB Pattern Activity for the pattern red-blue.

This free printable pattern activity is super simple to assemble.

First, print off the pages for the activity from the download you received in your inbox. Print onto white cardstock paper.

Laminate the pages. Place one side of velcro dots onto each of the empty boxes under each donut pattern.

Next, cut out the donuts from the sheets of colorful donuts. A 1 1/2 inch craft circle punch works well for this too!

Place the opposite side of the velcro dots onto the back of each donut.

Stack the pattern worksheet pages in a pile and assemble them into a book. There are a few options for making them into a book:

  • Hole punch the pages using a three hole punch and put them into a binder.
  • Use a book binder with plastic binding to assemble the book.
  • Hole punch just the corner and use a ring to keep the pages together.
  • Use yarn or ribbon to secure the pages after you have hole punched them.
Close up of the printed and bound Donut Theme Copy AB Pattern Activity for Preschool.

Store the donut pieces in a plastic baggie, or in a pencil pouch that fits into your binder.

When you are ready for the making patterns activity for preschoolers, get out your book and individual donut pattern card circles and you are ready to go!

Your child will look at the pattern on each page, and then copying the pattern they see, they will create the AB pattern in the boxes below the original pattern.

Other Ways To Use This Pattern Activity:

  • After your child copies the pattern, can they tell you how they would extend the pattern? If you are using the printable activity have them use the cut out donuts to create more of the pattern. If you are using the digital version have them draw a picture or use the printable donuts to show you.
  • Can your child create their own AB pattern in drawing form or with the donut cut outs?
  • Try to encourage your child to create the same color scheme pattern using blocks, crayons, dot stickers, or another toy or manipulative you have around the house or classroom.
  • This activity about patterns can be used as a math center, a small group activity, or an independent activity in your lesson plans!

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donut copy ab pattern printable and digital activity
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