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Fall Theme Digital Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Apple themed lessons are a staple in most preschool classrooms during the fall. Visiting an apple orchard may even be one of your favorite fall family activities or class field trips! If your preschooler enjoys apple picking, then they will definitely love this digital counting game for kids! Fall Theme Digital Counting Activities for Preschoolers are an awesome way for your little learners to practice their counting skills with a fun apple theme!

Free digital counting activity with an apple theme.

This preschool counting activity is a great interactive number activity for kids! They will love virtually picking apples off of the tree and placing them into the basket!

What a perfect way to practice counting skills and get into the spirit of fall!

Why Is Counting Important For Preschoolers?

Even though counting may seem like a simple skill, it is an incredibly important math skill for little learners to practice and master!

As little ones gain more confidence with the skill of rote counting (counting numbers aloud in sequential order), they will want to count everything in sight!

By practicing counting and working on one to one correspondence with preschoolers, we are helping to build their understanding of numbers and what they really represent!

This will make them better mathematicians as they eventually learn to add, subtract, multiply, and divide!

Screenshot of an apple themed counting activity for preschool.

How To Use This Apple Counting Activity For Preschoolers:

After you enter your email address below, check for the link to this activity in your inbox! Once you have opened the link you will have the option to open the activity in Seesaw or Google Slides.

If you are using the Google Slides version, you will be presented with the option to “Make a Copy”. Be sure you click this box so that you get an editable copy that you can interact with and share with your students!

Once the activity is open and in “edit” mode, the apples can be “picked” (clicked and dragged) from the apple tree and placed into the basket!

Provide your preschoolers with as much (or as little) support as they need to complete the digital task! Some learners may recognize the numerals and be able to figure out how many apples to pick without any help, while others may need the sentences read to them and require a little more assistance!

Apple themed digital counting activity for kids.

Other Ways To Use This Apple Math Activity:

  • As little ones are adding apples to the basket have a math conversation with them! I see you added two apples to the basket already. If you need five apples total, how many more will you need to add?
  • This can be used as a great way to introduce subtraction! There are seven apples on the tree. I put three into the basket. How many are left?
  • Compare the number of apples in the basket to the number of apples left on the tree! This is good way to introduce greater than and less than!
  • The simple structure and repetitiveness of the sentence at the top of each slide makes great reading practice!
  • Talk about what number word would match each numeral!
Teaching kids to count with a fall themed digital counting activity.

More Preschool Apple Theme Activities:

  • Cut an apple in half and use it as a stamp to create beautiful apple prints!
  • Bake an apple pie together! Little ones will love helping to scoop and measure ingredients! Have them count how many scoops they are pouring in, or how many times they are stirring when mixing ingredients! It’s the perfect way to combine math, cooking, and fine motor skill exercise!
  • Create an apple inspired sensory bin!
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