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Squirrel and Acorn Fall Pattern Activities for Preschoolers

Patterns are one of my favorite math concepts to teach for a number of reasons! Patterns can provide organization in a chaotic world. They are one of the many math skills that can be taught through hands on activities. And finally, they are fun to teach! These Squirrel and Acorn Fall Pattern Activities for Preschoolers are a great way to get your little learners practicing the skill of recognizing and completing patterns!

AB Patterns for preschoolers using acorns.

Little ones will love helping the cute squirrel in the math activity create colorful patterns with his acorns! This activity focuses on finishing AB patterns for preschoolers!

What Are Preschool Pattern Skills?

A pattern is a repeating sequence of objects, numbers, letters, colors, or shapes!

Preschoolers typically learn about AB patterns, which is when two thing in a sequence are alternating.

After preschoolers have mastered pattern recognition, they can work on completing patterns, and then for a challenge see if they can create patterns of their own!

Digital and printable fall patterns for preschool.

How To Introduce Patterns To Preschoolers:

Teaching patterns to preschoolers doesn’t have to be complicated! If you aren’t sure how to explain patterns to preschoolers, start simple!

  • To introduce patterns, first use unstructured playtime as an opportunity to observe and talk about patterns! Try building a simple tower and alternating colors. See if your little one learns to recognize the pattern you are creating!
  • Snack time can be another wonderful opportunity to talk about patterns! Using colorful snacks like goldfish or fruit loops you can easily make some fun, edible patterns!
  • Use colorful dot stickers to work on fine motor skills and pattern creation! You start by taking four stickers and alternate the colors and the give your little one the chance to finish the pattern!
  • Exploration of patterns using pattern blocks is an activity little learners will love!
Acorn patterns digital activity for preschoolers.

How To Use This Fall Patterns Preschool Activity:

This activity comes in printable and digital formats, so whether you are a Pre K teacher lesson planning for in classroom learning, home schooling, or virtual learning, this activity will work for you!

After you click “Get Your Activity Here” and enter your email address, check your inbox for the link to the activity! Choose the activity that works best for your needs!

If you are using the Google Slides activity, make sure you follow the prompts to “Make a Copy” of the activity. This will ensure that you are able to share it with your students and they are able to interact with the repeating patterns activity!

Your child will drag and drop the acorns into the two empty white boxes to complete the pattern!

Fall Preschool pattern activity.

Acorn Printable Patterns For Preschoolers:

Download the printable activity. Print it out on to card stock and laminate the pages!

Put clear velcro circles onto the two empty white boxes on each page that says “Continue The Pattern”.

Cut out the acorns and apply the other side of the clear velcro circles.

Your child will pick the two acorns that complete each pattern and place them into the empty white boxes!

I love to bind these pattern pages into a little book for the kids to use!

Digital and printable fall patterns for preschool.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

  • Practice color identification! Have your little one tell you the colors they know, or ask them to point out a specific color on the page!
  • Let your little one create their own pattern with the colorful acorns!
  • Practice one to one correspondence as you count the acorns!
Digital and printable fall patterns for preschool.
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