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Fall Leaf Patterns for Preschool Digital Activity

Teaching patterns is one of my favorite things about preschool math! Patterns are all around us, and preschoolers are constantly creating and observing them without even knowing it! I love watching my little ones build patterns with blocks, cards, balls, and even with their musical instruments! This Fall Leaf Patterns For Preschool Digital Activity is a great fall themed math activity that provides plenty of practice building patterns!

Free fall themed digital activity foe teaching preschoolers AB patterns.

Little learners will love using the computer or tablet to finish the patterns with the colorful leaves in this digital activity!

What Are Patterns?

A pattern is a series of shapes, numbers, events, colors, or objects that repeats itself!

When teaching little ones there can be many types of patterns! Some examples are ABC patterns, AAB patterns, AABB patterns, and AB patterns for preschool!

I know, that’s alot of ABCs!! Here are some more specific examples using color patterns:

  • ABC pattern (red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red, green, blue…)
  • AAB pattern (yellow, yellow, purple, yellow, yellow, purple, yellow, yellow, purple…)
  • AABB pattern (pink, pink, white, white, pink, pink, white, white, pink, pink, white, white…)
  • AB pattern (black, orange, black, orange, black, orange, black, orange…)

Why Is Teaching Patterns To Preschoolers Important?

Preschoolers are constantly observing and taking in the world around them! Patterns can help them start to make sense of what they see and begin to make predictions!

Learning the concept of patterns and being able to identify simple patterns in early childhood can help with more complex math skills as little ones get older!

More advanced math concepts that patterns help with include odd and even numbers, divisibility rules, multiplication charts, and tessellations!

How To Use This Pattern Activity For Preschoolers:

Teaching patterns to preschoolers with a free digital game.

After clicking “Get Your Activity Here” and entering your email address, head to your email inbox for a link to your digital activity!

Once you click on the link you will be able to choose the Google Slides or Seesaw version depending on which platform you need the activity for.

If using the Google Slides version, follow the prompt to “Make A Copy” of the activity. This will ensure you can share it with your students and it is interactive.

Leave the activity in “Edit” mode. Your little will be able to drag and drop the leaves into the boxes to complete the patterns on each slide!

Learning color patterns with leaves in a free digital game for preschoolers.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

  • Practice color identification!
  • Use the slides for counting practice!
  • Print out the slides. Let your little one practice their scissor skills and cut out the leaves. They can then use them to complete the patterns on the slides or create their own patterns!

More Ways To Practice Patterns:

When it comes to ways to practice patterns, the possibilities are really endless!

Here are some more ideas of how to incorporate pattern practice into your lesson plans (if you’re a pre-k teacher) or home play (if you’re a parent)!

  • Blocks, food (small snacks or cereal), balls, buttons, and mini erasers all make great hands on activity supplies for building patterns!
  • Another option for a fall pattern preschool activity is to go on a nature scavenger hunt and collect sticks, leaves, acorns, flowers, and rocks. Then create patterns using the materials you collected! (You can even take pictures of them and put them into a little album so you have a nature pattern book to look at year round!)
  • Pattern blocks are wonderful manipulatives to invest in! Your little one can use them to follow pattern cards for preschoolers, or they can create their own patterns with them! (Be sure to check out our free printable pattern block cards!)
Fall themed AB Patterns for preschool digital activity.
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