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Ocean Theme Kindergarten Addition to 10 Activity

Whether you’re enjoying salty ocean breezes or dipping your toes in a backyard kiddie pool, summertime certainly evokes the sailor in all of us. Using an ocean theme to welcome kids back to school allows everyone to relish in the memories of summer just a bit longer. Or, perhaps you’re teaching summer school! Either way, this digital addition activity fits the bill.

Free digital ocean theme addition to 10 activity .

The Ocean Theme Kindergarten Addition to 10 Activity requires no prep and provides 20 addition problems for kindergarten students! Each slide features number tiles 1-10, two different colored ships, and blank equation boxes with the addition and equal symbols in place.

Your students will love practicing addition problems to 10 with this activity! Download today in one of the three formats: Seesaw, Boom cards, or Google Slides.

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How to Teach Addition to Kindergarten

I love teaching addition in preschool and kindergarten because it goes well beyond addition worksheets and writing numbers on the page!

Since our youngest learners are still forming lots of foundations in math, they need LOTS of hands-on, engaging learning opportunities to make sense of numbers.

Once students can fluently count to at least 20 and can accurately count groups of objects, they are ready to begin understanding both addition and subtraction.

Addition to 10 free digital game with an ocean theme.

When introducing addition, it’s very important that students understand what they are doing. Explain that addition means adding to smaller numbers/groups to make a larger number/group.

Introduce key vocabulary right away, like addends, plus, equals, and sum. Ask students to use this vocabulary as much as possible, by saying, “The addends are 2 and 4 and the sum is 6!”

Addition to 10 free digital game with an ocean theme.

Addition sheets for kindergarten are fine to use as extra practice or homework, but actually teaching and practicing the concept of addition should be very hands on until students are fluent.

Students should physically count out groups of objects in one color, then pair them with a group of another color, then find the total.

How to Use the Digital Ocean Theme Addition Game

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Differentiation Options to Teach Addition Skills

Addition practice for kindergarten should meet the needs of all learners, which means it’s almost always necessary to differentiate the learning. Kindergarten teachers are brilliant at creating addition math centers for kindergarten that allow each learner to explore and develop math skills at his or her own pace.

Use this simple addition activity for kindergarten in a variety of ways to do just that!

Addition game for Kindergarten being played on a tablet.

Students that need more guidance and practice to master math facts:

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Small Groups

Guide small groups through each slide. Step by step instruction with each number sentence will help the students gain confidence to do it on their own. Count each color of ship, identify and drag each number into the equation, identify the sum by counting all of the ships, and finally read the entire equation.

Number Bonds

Students can create their own number bonds along with you by moving two different colored chips onto a ten frame as you work through each slide.

Number Lines

Provide number lines for children that need to work on counting fluency.

Story Problems

Picture addition pairs beautifully with story problems. In partners, students can create word problems to go with each slide: “There were 2 orange ships, then 4 blue ships sailed into the harbor. How many ships are there all together?”

Mental Math

Some kids might be ready to sharpen mental math skills. Ask them to look at each slide and try to determine the sum without using manipulatives. Provide flash cards to check each equation.

Take Home

Print the slides for a math worksheet that can go home for extra practice.

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Summer ocean themed addition to 10 digital math activity for Google Slides and Seesaw to use in Kindergarten Math centers
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