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Digital Marshmallow Cereal Counting Activity Numbers to 100

I love teaching counting! Perhaps because it’s nearly effortless! You don’t need special planning to practice counting, you can do it anywhere, anytime. And yet it is a crucial component of preschool and kindergarten math. Help your students learn numbers and practice skip counting with this interactive online counting activity for kindergarten.

marshmallow cereal counting sets for kindergarten math count to 100

Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity Numbers to 100 is easy to download and lots of fun for students. There are 20 slides included in this FREE printable/digital cereal counting activity.

On each slide, students must count the marshmallows in the cereal bowls. The catch is that they are in groups of ten! Counting sets in kindergarten is a wonderful introduction to skip counting!

After figuring out how many marshmallows are in the bowls, students must identify the corresponding number, click on the star-shaped marshmallow, and drag it to the correct numeral. This number counting activity for kindergarten is so sweet and inviting, your students will dive right in!

Count the marshmallows digital counting activity for kindergarten screen shows number 36

Learning to Count

Common core tells us our students must count to 100 by ones and tens by the end of kindergarten. That’s a tall order for some! Although counting skills aren’t difficult to teach, they do require repeated practice in order to master this math skill.

Many toddlers easily count to 10 or even higher. As children enter preschool, we want them to form a greater understanding of what those numbers actually mean. Counting and moving objects is a great way to do this!

Whether manipulating cotton balls, mini erasers, buttons or rocks, young children begin to make the connection that each object stands for ‘1,’ and as we add to the pile, the numbers get bigger.

As counting itself becomes effortless, children are ready to learn more about the relationships between numbers. Other important kindergarten math concepts include comparing numbers, adding and subtracting, skip counting, and more.

marshmallow cereal number counting activities for kindergarten screen shows 52

How to Use the Online Marshmallow Counting Activity

Click on the link below. Then, choose which version you want: Google Slides, Seesaw, or self-correcting Boom cards. When you clink on the link, it will open in the appropriate app and you’re good to go.

In Google Slides, after clicking on the Slides link, click the blue button that says, “Make a Copy.” This ensures that you have your own copy of the slideshow.

In Slides, make sure you are in “Edit” mode, as opposed to “Present” mode. You will see the “Present” button in the upper right hand corner.

In Slides, just click on the number to highlight the box in blue and drag it when the cursor resembles a plus sign with an arrow on each end.

In Seesaw, use the Text tool (click on the large T) to be able to highlight each number to move it.

Finally, if you choose self-correcting Boom cards, remember you must be connected to the Internet in order for the cards to work.

marshmallow cereal counting activity for kindergarten counting to 100 screen shows 98

Fun Counting Activities for Kindergarten

Math centers and counting games are excellent ways to keep students counting all year long! Think about creating number activities that are differentiated to students’ unique abilities. Also, include hands-on manipulatives to improve fine motor skills while solidifying math concepts.

  • Online counting games for kindergarten are FREE and ABUNDANT with a Google search.
  • Card games-Games like Uno, Rack-o, Blackjack, or Skip-Bo (just to name a few) instill and improve number sense with each hand.
  • Counting circles-Sit in a circle. Begin with any number. Students take turns saying the next number in the sequence as play continues around the circle. Mix it up any way your students need: Forward counting/backward counting/skip counting.
  • Songs and actions! Nothing helps numbers stick like catchy tunes and actions to go with it. Practice skip counting by 5s with a simple ‘high five’ motion for each number that ends in ‘5’ and pull that hand dramatically back to your body on the numbers that end in ‘0’. Or, incorporate squatting up/down to match the number pattern-anything goes!
  • Incorporate addition and subtraction while learning to count fluently. It’s never too early to introduce foundational math skills.
count the marshmallows online counting game for kindergarten. Image shows 94
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