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Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity for Numbers 11-20

Marshmallows are one of my favorite food manipulatives to use.  They are the perfect size for little hands and they are a snack that lots of children enjoy.  Lucky colorful marshmallows are even better than plain white ones, and I love them so much that I made them into a digital cereal counting activity!  This Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity for Numbers 11-20 is a wonderful way to make counting fun and interactive for preschoolers.

Free Marshmallows Numbers 11-20 Digital Activity

Each slide in this fun counting activity for preschoolers has two bowls of lucky marshmallow cereal for your child to practice counting to 20.

This marshmallow themed counting activity will keep your child excited about counting and engaged in practicing their preschool counting skills.

Counting Skills:

There are so many fun counting ideas for preschoolers. Marshmallow counting is definitely one of my favorite counting activities!

Once your students learn and master counting 0-5 and 0-10, it’s time to move onto counting up to 20!  

These numbers can be a little tricky, since they don’t always sound exactly like the numbers they are used to counting up to 10.  

Here are a few tips about counting with preschoolers you may want to keep in mind as you are working on your preschool math lesson plans for counting to 20 in your classroom or home.

  • Providing plenty of practice counting and recognizing numbers 11-20 is a great way to help your child master numbers. Fun counting games are the perfect way to practice!
  • Provide your child with a manipulative when they are counting, and if there is nothing else around, you can encourage them to use their fingers. 10 fingers make the perfect helper for young children beginning to count!
  • Another great way to practice counting to 20 is to work on grouping objects into groups of five or ten as your child counts. Making groups of ten is a fabulous introductory activity that will eventually help with the skill of regrouping in addition and subtraction.
  • Read counting books, or make any book into a counting book by asking your child to find a certain object, color, or animal and count how many times they see it on a page. This is an easy way to tie in a math activity with a literacy learning activity.
  • Playing board games is another awesome way to practice counting skills.
The slide for the number "20" from the Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity for Numbers 11-20.

How To Use This Digital Counting Activity:

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Once you have made a copy, you will also be able to interact with the activity when it is in “Edit” mode.

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Have your child count the number of marshmallows they see in the bowls on the screen.  

They will then click on the shooting star marshmallow in the bottom right corner of the screen and drag and drop it on the number that matches what they counted.

Once they have counted and selected the correct number, they can go onto the next slide!

The slide for the number "16" from the Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity for Numbers 11-20.

Other Ways To Use This Activity:

  • One easy way to differentiate this activity for a child who may be having a little trouble is to take away one of the answer options by covering it up on the screen with your hand, an index card, or a piece of computer paper.
  • After your child has correctly counted the marshmallows, see if they can skip count to the number.  Try to skip count by 2, 3, or 5.
  • Talk about even and odd numbers.  Is there an even or odd number of marshmallows on the screen?  How do they know?
  • Count out real mini marshmallows or cotton balls for a fun, hands on counting activity with one to one correspondence counting practice to go along with the marshmallow cereal piece activity on the screen.
  • Compare the number of marshmallows in each bowl.  How many more marshmallows are in the bowl that has ten?  Which one has a greater amount?  A lesser amount?
  • This activity is a great opportunity to talk about addition and subtraction. As you are comparing the amounts in each bowl start to talk about the difference between the two!
Marshmallow Cereal Digital Counting Activity for Numbers 11-20 featured square image
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  1. Do you have these in printable? We’re not virtual and I teach PreK special education so a lot of my work tends to be hand over hand until the kiddos comprehend.

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