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Free Digital Fish Arrays Counting Activity for Kids

One fish, two fish, lets go count fish!!! Summertime is perfect for outdoor activities like fishing and this Free Digital Fish Arrays Counting Activity for Kids is a great way to learn and practice counting! The colorful slides are engaging and students will love improving their math skills and typing skills too! As the students practice their counting, their typing will also improve as muscle memory is being built with the newest addition to our Kindergarten Google Slides and Seesaw Activities.

Counting activity for kids with a fish theme.

This preschool math activity is a great way for young children to practice their counting skills! Touch typing skills will improve as students type the correct answers. These slides are a wonderful addition to your lesson plans as students will enjoy learning to type as they are practicing with this counting game. As students spend more time on electronics, it’s important to add these types of activities to our bag of tricks. They are a great counting activity for preschoolers.

What is one to one correspondence?

This fish themed activity will help your child with counting and one to one correspondence.

One to one correspondence is important because it is basically the foundation for almost all mathematical concepts. Without well-developed one to one correspondence, students will struggle with future math concepts.

But, what is one to one correspondence?

One to one correspondence is a skill adults often take for granted. It is the ability to count an object within a set only once and then know that the last number counted is the total quantity. It seems like it would be super easy but it is a concept that young learners need to be taught and they need loads of practice too!

It is important to recognize that rote counting (saying the number in order) is different than one to one correspondence. One to one correspondence requires a great deal of practice and support.

These slides are another great opportunity for your student to practice one to one correspondence.

Counting activity for kids with a fish theme.

How do I use this fish activity?

First, make a copy of the Google Slides.

Be sure to rename the slides so that they are easy to find on your computer. Otherwise, it will be named “copy of..”

Have your child click on the first slide.

Then make sure that your child clicks on the white box. The box will then be framed in blue and is ready for typing.

Encourage your child to point to each fish as it is counted.

Type the correct quantity in the box.

Be sure to stick around to check your student’s answers.

These slides can be done over and over again. Remember, repetition is key to mastery for young learners. They will love playing over and over again!

The slides can be used as an assessment. Print the slides and have children write the correct number in each box.

Print and laminate the slides. Dry erase markers can then be used on the laminated papers and the slides can be used many times.

Once slides are printed, have your child put them in order greatest to least or least to greatest.

As an enrichment activity, have your child add or subtract 2 sets.

Counting activity for kids with a fish theme.

How else can I improve counting skills?

As a primary teacher, I am a proponent of hands on activities at all grade levels. There are so many fun counting activities! Students don’t even realize they are learning when they play math games!

Here are a few suggestions for practicing counting:

  • Fill bags with small items. Letter each baggie. Have students count the items in the bag and then write their answer on a recording sheet.
  • Create number bracelets using pipe cleaners and beads. Early childhood students can move the beads on the pipe cleaner to get great one to one correspondence practice. Write totals on a recording sheet.
  • Show the students a group of objects. Have kids write how many objects they count on a dry erase board.
  • Have students create a set for you to count. They get to be the teacher!
  • Use as many hands on experiences as possible. Count and recount!
  • Create partners. Have one student draw a set of items. Have the other student count and write the total. Switch roles.
  • Make sure that your student can correctly identify numbers. You may need to practice number identification before completing these slides. After all, a student may know he/she sees 6 items but if they don’t know what a 6 is, they won’t be able to type it.
  • Have fun with numbers!
Counting activity for kids with a fish theme.
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