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Spring Base Ten Blocks Math Activity for Numbers to 100

Kindergarteners, who are ready for a math challenge, as well as, 1st Grade Students are going to have so much fun with these colorful, spring-themed, kid-friendly Seesaw and Google Slides math activities using base ten blocks to represent 2-digit numbers up to 100.

Base ten digital math activity numbers to 100

Math learners who have mastered both my Spring Base Ten Math Activities 1-10 Packet and Numbers 11-20 Packet are ready to take their Base Ten knowledge to the next level!

What Does Base Ten Mean in Math?

The technical definition for ‘base ten’ is just another name for the decimal numbers system. However, simply stated…base ten is our everyday number system representing place value of digits.

Base ten digital activity for kindergarten math

Base 10 Blocks

It would be beneficial to allow children to work with an actual, physical set of base ten blocks math manipulatives before (or in conjunction with) the activities in this packet.

Moreover, make sure your students know the correct math terminology for the blocks to represent base 10 and can verbally use the vocabulary to describe the expanded form of the number.

Unit: Represents One Single Object: the Unit (the small yellow cube) is the smallest unit block and is displayed in the Ones Place Value Column on the Number Mat Slide.

Rod: Represents 10 Objects Grouped Together: the Rod is made up of 10 base ten unit blocks grouped together in a group of ten—the long narrow set of 10 blue blocks and is displayed in the Tens Place Value Column on the Number Mat Slide.

Flat: Represents 100 Objects Grouped Together: the Flat is made up of 10 base ten rod blocks grouped together in a group of 100—and is displayed in the Hundreds Place Value Column on the Number Mat Slide.

Expanded Form: Showing the value of each number. Example: the expanded form of 13 is 10 + 3. (10 in the tens place and 3 in the ones place)

Base ten number building Google Slides and Seesaw activity

This is the third FREE Spring packet in a series of three math activity packets using base ten blocks that are available to download for Google Slides or Seesaw.

After downloading the file, make a copy for each child to use.

One stationary rod, one unit, and one flat base ten block are provided on each number mat slide as a virtual mathematical manipulative. On every slide activity students will click and drag the correct number of blocks to the tens and ones place value column to visually represent the number (randomly up yo 100) featured on the mat.

The ‘teen’ numbers are difficult for young students, so being able to print the math activity slides and provide physical manipulatives can help increase children’s understanding.

Use a base ten rod and ten units for children to physically move to the correct place value column. If you don’t have any base ten blocks, you could substitute them with unifix cubes or legos.

Building number 16 with base ten blocks showing place value

Another activity perfect for individual students or for a small group math center activity is to use the printed worksheets as task cards. Slide the worksheets into a sleeve protector and have children use dry-erase markers to draw rods and units to represent the number on the mat.

After rising first graders master the Spring Base Ten Blocks Math Activity for 11-20 Packet, they’re ready for the next challenge: The Spring Base Ten Blocks Math Activity Miscellaneous Numbers Up to 100!

If your students are still struggling with understanding base ten numbers or having difficulty moving the base ten blocks to the appropriate columns, build confidence by letting students practice with my first packet: Spring Base Ten Blocks Math Activity for 1-10. All three packet sets mentioned are FREE and available to download for Goggle Slides or Seesaw.

Base ten digital activity numbers to 100
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