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Dragons Love Tacos Digital Counting Activities for Kindergarten

Who LOVES tacos?!? I do! And so do my kids!! And so do dragons apparently!!! If you haven’t read the Dragons Love Tacos story, it is an adorable book about, you guessed it, dragons who love tacos! Pairing books with math activities is one of my favorite ways to teach! Dragons Love Tacos Digital Counting Activities for Kindergarten are a great way to get your little one excited about practicing their counting skills!

Dragons Love Tacos Digital Counting 1-10 Activity

This digital activity will have your little one perfecting their numbers and counting skills as they work to fill up the dragon’s taco plate!

What Math Should Kindergartners Know?

Here are some of the math skills relating to numbers and counting that kindergartners can work on!

Dragon and tacos digital counting activity for the number 10

As always, if they aren’t quite ready for a skill, provide them with some support, and if they have mastered a skill, don’t be afraid to offer a little challenge to them!

How To Use This Taco Digital Counting For Kindergarten Activity:

This digital counting activity is available for both Google Slides and Seesaw! When you get the email with the link to download in your inbox you will be able to pick which version you prefer!

Dragon and tacos digital counting activity for the number 7.

If you are using the Google Slides version, be sure you click on “Make a Copy” when prompted so that it will be interactive and you can easily share with your students!

Once the activity is opened it will automatically be in “edit” mode. Leave it in this mode so your little learners can drag the tacos to the dragon’s plate as they count them!

At the top of each slide there is a sentence telling how many tacos your little one should feed the dragon! There are slides for all numbers 1-10!

Other Ways To Use This Digital Counting Activity:

  • With a little scaffolding (extra support) this can easily become a Dragons Love Tacos Preschool Activity! Read each sentence (including the number) to your preschooler if they have not yet mastered the skill of numeral identification!
  • Provide your little one with mini erasers, counters, or another manipulative if they need some help with one to one correspondence. Every time they drag a taco have them count an object out on the table to help keep track!
  • Practice the skill of writing numbers! After your little one has identified the number and counted out the tacos, have them write the number out on a white board or have the numbers already written out on index cards and have them find the matching written number!
Dragon and tacos digital counting activity for the number 3.

More Dragons Love Tacos Activities:

  • Dragons love tacos, but they do not love spicy salsa! Take a poll of what your family’s favorite taco toppings are! Find out if they love chicken tacos or beef tacos! Work on tally mark skills and creating a bar graph to display the data you collected!
  • Daniel Salmieri is the illustrator of Dragons Love Tacos! Talk to your children about what an illustrator is! Have them illustrate their own scene for the book!
  • Kids love talking about books! Read the original Dragons Love Tacos Book or the book Dragons Love Tacos 2. Activities after reading can include a book discussion with your little ones! What was your favorite part of the story? What do you think would happen if you invited dragons to your party?

Plus, grab these Dragons Love Tacos counting mats for kindergarten and pre-k

Taco Counting Numbers 1-10 Digital Activity
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