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Space Theme 2nd Grade Sight Words Activity

Learning sight words is a wonderful way to help build reading confidence in young children. Fun and interactive word activities are a great way to practice sight words for kids. This Space Theme 2nd Grade Sight Words Activity will help your child blast off their sight word knowledge and soar to new reading heights!

Space Theme 2nd Grade Sight Words Activity

Learning to read is so much fun, but can also be challenging. By helping our children learn to recognize and read sight words, we help to make learning to read a little easier for them.

What Are Sight Words?

Sight word lists are lists of words that commonly appear in books and stories that children read.

When children learn and memorize sight words, they start to grow their vocabulary and strengthen their reading skills.

By learning sight words, children can quickly recognize and read words without having to sound them out or use other reading strategies.

Learning sight words is especially beneficial for struggling readers.

As they learn more words that they can automatically recognize, their confidence will be increased. They will be able to spend their time focusing more on comprehension and less on decoding every word in a story.

Free digital sight words game for second grade reading level.

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How To Teach Sight Words?

It can be tricky to know exactly which words we should teach to increase sight word fluency. Luckily, the work has already been done for us!

There are free sight word lists out there, like the dolch sight word lists that are already created. The Dolch sight word lists are made for Pre-Primer to Grade 3 and contain 220 high frequency sight words that children should learn.

Playing sight word games helps to bring fast paced excitement to learning how to read.

Getting your child involved in hands on learning and doing interactive sight word activities like this space themed one are other ways to make learning exciting and fun.

Second grade sight words game with a space theme.

How To Use This Sight Word Practice Activity:

When you receive the activity in your email inbox, open it and choose the Google Slides or Seesaw version.

If you are using the Google Slides activity, follow the prompts to “Make a Copy” of the activity. Put the activity into “Edit” mode so that you are able to interact with the rocket ship letters and type on the slide.

If you are using the Seesaw activity, use the text tool “T” to interact with the activity.

There are three parts to this activity, reading the word, typing the word, and building the word!

Provide your child with as much or as little help as they need.

If they are just beginning to learn sight words, you can read the word to them and have them repeat it back. You can drag over the letters of the word for them and have them put them into the correct order to build the word.

More advanced readers can find the letters themselves and may just need you to check over their work at the end.

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Play Games

After you practice second grade sight words using this fun rocket activity, try playing another game with flash cards or try a game like Zingo sight words.

Sight Word Sentences

Create sight word sentences with your child. Can they make up a sentence using the word? Can they make the sentence outer space themed?

Take it Hands-on

Try some hands on word building by creating the word using play dough, wiki sticks, or unifix cubes.

Unique Writing Experiences

Practice writing the word on a whiteboard, chalk board, or on construction paper with markers.

Sight Word Race

Make flash cards with the words from the second grade sight word list. Carry them in your bag and practice reading them when you have spare time or are out running errands. Make it a game and see how many your child can read in a minute. Can they beat their record next time?

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Space Theme 2nd Grade Sight Words Activity
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