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Second Grade Sight Words Digital I Spy Activities

Teachers, you are amazing! I’m truly in awe of anyone that can wrangle a group of 7- and 8-year olds into a conforming bunch of brainiacs who not only listen, but WANT TO LEARN. That’s no small potatoes, people. Using activities like this Second grade sight words Google Slides and Seesaw I Spy game make teaching a little bit easier…

Free sight words I Spy Activity for 2nd grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 2nd grade sight words.

As we teach 2nd grade reading, teachers are bombarded with a curriculum that is wide and deep. On top of that, we’ve got a diverse student population staring back at us, each with her own needs.

Enter 2nd grade SIGHT WORDS! What a gift for teachers to employ to reach all learners at their own level. Unwrap the Second Grade Sight Word Digital I Spy Activity for yourself as well as your students.

This amazing no-prep, digital sight word activity is ready to go in Google Slides or Seesaw! Just download and share. It includes all 46 second grade Dolch sight words for students to READ, TYPE (spell), and FIND.

Your students will absolutely love the colorful, engaging slides. They can work at their own pace, completing as much of the second grade sight words list as necessary.

How to Teach 2nd Grade Sight Words

Knowing how to teach sight words can feel overwhelming when it’s placed on top of every other second grade curriculum goal.

I think I love sight words games and activities so much because they’re so versatile, much like our learners. Teachers can find sight word games online, or provide hands-on activities for students to read each word, spell the words, and ultimately read them with automaticity.

Consider sight word practice a key component of reading instruction that students can plug away at all year long. Each student will master the list at their own pace.

I would suggest creating sight words games and routines early in the school year so students will ultimately work independently on the word cards that match their abilities and skills.

The 2nd Grade Dolch sight word list includes the following 46 words:





Free sight words I Spy Activity for 2nd grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 2nd grade sight words.

How to Use Second Grade Sight Words Digital I Spy

Click on the link below. Then, choose the version you prefer, either Google Slides or Seesaw.

In Slides, a blue button will pop up that says, “MAKE A COPY.”

Click the button so you have your own copy of the activity.

This awesome activity includes 46 slides! That’s one for each Second Grade Dolch sight word.

Click on the first slide, making sure you are in “Edit” mode as opposed to “Presentation” mode. If you accidentally click, “Present,” just hit escape and you’re back to editing mode.

Ask your child to read the sight word in the top box. Then, have them spell it out loud, perhaps LOUD, then SOFT, then in a SILLY VOICE.

Click on the “Type It” box and then use the keyboard to find the letters and type the word.

Finally, it’s time to play “I Spy!” Ask your detective to find the word on the grid. Once spotted, he can click on a colored play dough blob to drag it onto the grid to cover the word.

When ready, click the next slide.

Do as many slides as your 2nd grader can handle. DO NOT feel you must complete all 46 slides in one sitting! You can keep coming back to this over and over again.

Remember, the best reading instruction includes FUN sight word activities for students to practice these common words.

Free sight words I Spy Activity for 2nd grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 2nd grade sight words.

Differentiation Ideas for ALL Students

I know-you’ve got one student reading Harry Potter, and another enjoying Go, Dog, Go! Therein lies the beauty of differentiation. All second graders can benefit from interactive sight word practice while growing and developing as a reader.

Consider creating learning centers or small group activities where kids can learn to read high frequency words at their level.

  • A set of flash cards goes a loooooong way. Laminate for use all year! You can color code them in groups of 10 by increasing levels of difficulty for students to master one color at a time.
  • Teach easy flashcard games that students can eventually play during independent time, like Sight Word Memory Match, Beat your Buddy (one student times, the other reads as many words as possible), or Hide-n-Seek Sight Words (hide them around the classroom).
  • Provide ample supplies for students to write the words (markers, paint, index cards, sand tray, gel baggies, highlighters, pens, etc.)
  • Word Detectives- find as many words as you can in a book of your choice, write the sight word, then compare your list of words with someone else.
  • Create a visual chart/graph to track students and motivate them as they master each part of the 2nd grade list of sight words. Charts can be privately kept in folders, or publicly posted on the classroom wall.
Free sight words I Spy Activity for 2nd grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 2nd grade sight words.
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