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Digital Fall Sorting Activities for Preschoolers

Apples in bushels and pumpkins in patches, the crunch of the leaves that my little one smashes… these are a few of my favorite FALL things! Nature gives us so many beautiful gifts in fall! I always love going outside and watching my kids as they gather leaves, acorns, flowers, and sticks! I’m amazed how they naturally just begin to sort them into piles without any direction from me. These Digital Fall Sorting Activities for Preschoolers will bring the fall fun of gathering and sorting nature’s treasures inside your home!

Fall sorting activities digital version!

The adorable images and fall colors in this Digital Preschool Activity are sure to grab the attention of little learners! Whether you are teaching at home, in the classroom, or distance learning it will make a great addition to your lesson plans!

Why Is Sorting Important For Preschoolers?

There are many benefits of sorting activities for preschoolers!

  • Sorting activities are a great introduction to the vocabulary terms “similar” and “different”.
  • The ability to sort and organize is a foundational math skill. It will help with future skills such as shape attributes, odd and even numbers, and patterns!
  • Sorting and classifying objects help young children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills!
  • As little ones are sorting objects they are required to pay attention to details! This is a great skill to have for pre-writing, as little ones will start to see and observe the details of letters and view them as a combination of shapes and lines!
sorting by size activity with fall themed objects.

How To Use This Digital Fall Sorting Activity:

After you have clicked “Get Your Activity Here” and entered your email address at the bottom of this page, check your email for the link to this Digital Activity!

Once you open the link, choose the Seesaw version, or Google Slides version!

If you are using the Google Slides version, click “Make a Copy” when prompted! This will ensure that you can interact with the activity.

Once the Google Slides activity is open all you need to do is make sure it is in “Edit” mode so that it is interactive.

Your little one will be able to move the apples, pumpkins, leaves, and other fall objects onto the sorting mats! Dragging and dropping the objects is good exercise for little fingers and fine motor skills!

Fall themed shape sorting digital activity.

Other Ways to Use This Activity:

Here are some great ideas of other ways to use this Digital Activity!

  • Many other math skills can be worked on while using this activity! Practice counting as your little one moves the objects into each category! Compare which category has more objects!
  • This can be used as a language development or speech therapy activity! Sorting activities like this one are a great way to introduce new vocabulary, provide little ones with choices, and talk with your little learner about familiar objects!
  • You can easily print this activity and make it into a file folder math center for classroom or home preschool learning!
Fall themed color sort digital game.

Other Sorting Activities for Preschoolers:

  • Make a leaf sorting activity for preschool! Let your preschooler gather leaves outside and then sort them into the “big” and “small” categories! See if they can think of any other categories (colors, leaf shape) to sort them into.
  • Create a fall sensory bin! Allow your little one to participate in some hands on learning and exploration as they stimulate their senses! Give them the opportunity to organize some of the materials into categories of their own! If they need a little help, some appropriate sorting categories for preschoolers are size, shape, color, texture, and length!
  • An at home scavenger hunt can be a wonderful chance for some playful learning! Having little ones search for objects shaped like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and hearts can be a great shape sorting activity for preschoolers! Once they have found objects of different shapes see what other categories they can sort them into!
Fall sorting activities digital version!
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