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First Grade Sight Words Digital I Spy Activity

I’d like to express my love. For sight words. Seriously, over the years I’ve developed a deep and true LOVE for those high frequency words most people don’t bat an eye at! And this first grade sight words digital I Spy activity is a fantastic way to practice those ever-important words!

Free sight words I Spy Activity for 1st grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 1st grade sight words.

Teachers know and understand the value of using fun sight word activities to help budding readers gain confidence and skill. And I think 1st Grade is quite possibly PRIME TIME for opening our hearts and minds to the sight words lists.

Why now? Well, a large chunk of kindergarten was spent learning letter sounds and names while developing important phonemic and phonological awareness.

Now that the foundation has been built, first graders are ready to start building those walls! How? With engaging, fun, interactive, meaningful sight word practice of course!

First Grade Sight Words Digital I Spy Activity fits the bill perfectly! It provides an easy, no-prep way for children to learn and practice the First Grade Dolch sight word list all year.

This activity is designed with busy teachers in mind! Just open in Google Slides or Seesaw and you’re ready to fall in LOVE with sight words!

Each slide contains opportunities for young readers to read the sight word, spell the word, and recognize the words within a grid. They’ll also hone computer skills and fine motor muscles by clicking and dragging throughout the online activity.

First Grade Sight Words

Sight words are nothing more than commonly used words in written text. They are also called high frequency words.

When searching for information about sight words, you’ll likely come across two names: Fry and Dolch. Although the lists are similar and do contain some duplicates, primary teachers typically focus on the Dolch list of words.

The 1st grade sight words Dolch list is based on words that students in Pre-K through 2nd grade would typically encounter, while the Fry list is a bit more extensive and covers high frequency words found in reading material for Grades 3 through 9.

Free sight words I Spy Activity for 1st grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 1st grade sight words.

This activity includes the 1st Grade Dolch list of 41 words:










































How to Use First Grade Sight Words Digital I Spy

Click on the link below. Click on the version you prefer, either Google Slides or Seesaw.

In Slides, a blue button will pop up that says, “MAKE A COPY.”

Click the button so you have your own copy of the activity.

This awesome activity includes 41 slides! That’s one for each 1st Grade Dolch sight word.

Click on the first slide, making sure you are in “Edit” mode as opposed to “Presentation” mode. If you accidentally click, “Present,” just hit escape and you’re back to editing mode.

Help your child read the word in the top box. Help them identify the letters to spell the word. Have some fun with it and maybe SING the word, SHOUT it, or read it in a ROBOT voice, WHISPER voice, etc.

Click on the “Type It” box and then use the keyboard to find the letters and type the word.

Finally, it’s time to play “I Spy!” Ask your young detective to find the word on the grid. Once spotted, he can click on a colored playdough blob to drag it down onto the grid to cover the word.

When ready, click the next slide.

Do as many slides as your first grader is interested in. DO NOT feel you must complete all 41 slides in order to be successful with this activity! You can keep coming back to this over and over again.

Every child is different, so it’s important to remember to keep early reading instruction FUN, ENGAGING, and STRESS FREE for ALL!

Free sight words I Spy Activity for 1st grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 1st grade sight words.

Sight Word Games for First Grade

Teaching sight words really allows teachers to get creative! There are sight words games online, and there are plenty of hands-on activities that activate all types of learners.

  • Use index cards to create word cards that can be used a million different ways (flash cards, hide-n-seek cards, memory match, to name a few).
  • Employ the senses by writing the sight words using play dough, pudding, paint, small objects, anything!
  • Create routines around sight words, like “Sight Word Spotlight” where you ‘celebrate’ one word a week. Each day complete a different activity and keep adding to the list as the school year progresses.
  • Create as many opportunities as possible for children to read the words, write the words, spell the words, until they KNOW the words with automaticity.
  • Get moving by incorporating movements and/or gestures as you spell, chant, or sing the words.
Free sight words I Spy Activity for 1st grade. Use this fun Google Slides and Seesaw digital activity to practice 1st grade sight words.
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