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Life Cycle of an Ant Preschool Activity

Ants are an amazing insect! My kids love watching the tiny but mighty insects march in orderly lines through our backyard. This Life Cycle of an Ant Preschool Activity is a wonderful way to practice identifying the stages of the life cycle of an ant with colorful pictures that kids will love.

Life Cycle of an Ant Preschool Activity

All insects are interesting to learn about, but ants are probably one of my favorite! They have incredible strength, great communication skills, and their life cycle is fascinating.

What Is The Life Cycle Of An Ant?

Life cycles are the stages of how living things grow and transform during their life.

This activity includes ant life cycle stages egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

First the ant lays eggs, next the egg hatch into a larva, goes through metamorphosis into a pupa, and then emerges as an adult.

Kids will love learning about this cool process!

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How To Use This Ant Life Cycle Activity For Preschool:

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On the first slide, children will match the ant cycle stages to the pictures on the ant life cycle diagram. Just click and drag the vocabulary word to each box to complete the life cycle.

For the remainder of the activity, your child will complete each sentence after looking at the ant life cycle picture on each slide. The sentences all begin “I see a…” and then you choose the ant life cycle stage that best matches and drag it to the box to finish the sentence.

What a fun way to practice the ant life cycle for kids!

Other Ideas For This Life Cycle Activity For Kids:

  • Buying an ant farm can be a fun way to observe ants and their behavior.
  • Research ants with your preschooler. Talk about the jobs of different ants. How do the ants work together in the ant colony? What is ant life like? What is a queen ant?
  • Compare the ant life cycle to the life cycle of other bugs like the grasshopper, bee, or ladybug life cycles.
  • Create a story about an ant with your child talking about how it went through each life cycle in it’s life.
  • Practice writing letters and the vocabulary words for the stages on a white board or with colorful crayons on construction paper.
  • For a hands on activity to accompany this digital activity, use play dough or wiki sticks to make each life cycle picture. You can also use markers or crayons to draw the life cycle! Check out this play dough ant life cycle activity for some inspiration!
  • Grab some small ant figurines and throw them into a bug sensory bin for some a super fun, hands on ant sensory activity!
  • Keep the ant theme going in your learning with this ant letter formation practice activity.

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