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Life Cycle of a Bean Plant Activities for Kids

Planting is a great spring or summer activity to do with your child. My preschoolers love getting their hands dirty, planting seeds, and then watching them grow. I love how excited they get as they run to check the garden every morning to see what changes are happening. Life Cycle of a Bean Plant Activities for Kids are perfect for any plant lover learning about the stages of a plant life cycle. Plus, kids love these easy to use digital science activities!

Life Cycle of a Bean Plant Activities for Kids

There are two parts to this digital activity for the life cycle of a bean plant for kids.

The first part has kids label the life cycle of a bean plant diagram by dragging and dropping the correct name of each bean plant life cycle stage to the correct box.

The second part is a series of slides and your child will complete each “I see a…” sentence by choosing the correct vocabulary word to match the picture they see.

Learning About Life Cycles:

Kids love learning about life cycles!

There’s something so fascinating about watching plants, animals, and insects transform over time into something new.

Learning about life cycles is great for young children.

Not only is the science content important to learn, but it also helps children to have a greater appreciation for the world around them.

Learning about life cycles can lead to wonderful discussions about why it’s important to take care of our earth, respect our environment, and protect plants and animals.

Bean plant life cycle digital game being played on a tablet.

How To Use This Plant Life Cycle Activity For Preschool:

How to Get the Activity

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Google Slides

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Boom Cards®

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Choose the version of digital activity you prefer

For the first part page of the bean life cycle for kids activity, drag and drop the vocabulary words to label the bean life cycle diagram.

Pages 2-6 are a fun complete the sentence activity. Students will identify the green bean life cycle stage they see in the picture and then select the vocabulary word for the stage that best completes the sentence.

The predictive sentence structure of each page makes this an awesome bean life cycle activity for pre-readers. Help your child by reading the sentences together or have them repeat what you read.

Fill in the blank for the bean life cycle digital game free.

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Hands-on Science Activities

Pair this digital bean life cycle preschool activity with this fun sprouting seeds in a bag activity your kids will love! Since children often times only see what happens above the soil when they plant a seed, this activity provides them with a great view of what happens below the surface.

Create a Book

Print the pages out and staple them together to create a free printable spring bean life cycle book for your child.

More Life Cycles

Compare the life cycle of a plant to bugs and animals. Check out our digital grasshopper and ladybug life cycle activities for more interactive digital activities!

Grow Your Own

Grow your own flowers or plant your own garden and keep a science journal to record all of the changes that are happening. Your child can draw the pictures, or you can take pictures and glue them into their notebook. Use this activity to help label your pictures of what is happening. Compare what they see in real life to what they learned in this digital activity.

Make a Game

Write the stages of a bean life cycle onto index cards and have your child practice putting them into the correct order.

Literacy Connections

Read a fun book like Jack and The Beanstalk with your child before or after you do this activity for an easy literacy connection.

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