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What Plants Need to Grow Kindergarten Digital Science Activity

Kindergarten and preschool children love learning about nature. They love being outside and exploring the world around them. Being outdoors always sparks my preschoolers’ curiosity and leaves them asking tons of questions. How tall will this plant grow? What kind of flower is that? What do plants need to survive? So many questions and so many opportunities to learn! This What Plants Need To Grow Kindergarten Digital Science Activity will help your child explore the needs of plants, and will leave them begging to learn more about the world around them.

needs of a plant kindergarten science activity Google Slides and Seesaw

This versatile activity can be an introductory whole group activity on plant needs for kindergarten students, a science center activity, or an activity for independent practice after you have your lesson on the needs of a plant.

What Plants Need To Grow Digital Science for Kindergarten Activity is available as a Google Slides activity, Seesaw activity, and in Boom Digital Task Cards.

Nature Science Activities For Kindergarten and Preschool:

This digital activity would be a great addition to any what plants need to grow lesson plan for kindergarten.

In this needs of a plant kindergarten activity, students will identify that plants need water (rain), air (wind), soil, and pollinators (butterflies and bees) in order to survive.

Working on this activity can lead to other lessons for students and life science discussions such as:

  • what are the parts of a plant
  • why plants and animals depend on one another
  • comparing what humans need to survive to what plants need to grow
  • why do plants need pollinators
  • what is the life cycle of a plant
what does a plant need digital activity screenshot: Choose a picture: "A plant needs..." options are toothbrush or soil

How To Use This Needs Of Plants Digital Activity:

After you enter your email address below, you will receive an email in your inbox with a link to the activity.

Once you open the link you will be able to choose if you want the Google Slides version, or the Seesaw version of the activity.

If you are downloading the Google Slides version, follow the prompts to “Make a Copy” of the activity. This will give you your own copy of the activity.

Once you have your own copy of the activity you will be able to interact with it, and share it with your students.

If you are downloading the Seesaw version, you will click on the “T” for the text tool to make the activity interactive.

Your child will first be presented with a series of slides that give two options to choose from.  

They will read each slide and determine which item a plant needs.  They will click on the image that shows best what a plant needs to grow.

After they have finished those slides, a final slide will display a variety of different pictures.  Your child will drag and place a colored flower on each of the things that a plant needs to grow. 

what does a plant need digital activity screenshot: Cover the pictures of what a plant needs

Other Ways To Use This Activity For Kids:

  • Talk about the difference between living and non-living things. Can your child identify what is living and non-living on the slides?
  • Since the slides have not only pictures, but also words, this is a great opportunity to practice letter identification and letter sounds.
  • Use extra images that are not needs of a flower to spark other conversation with your child. A flower doesn’t need a rocket to grow, but who might need a rocket? Why do we need a toothbrush?
  • Use the slide with the flowers for some color identification practice.
  • Do some hands on activities, science experiments, and science projects to go along with learning about what plants need to survive. Place a plant in a dark place and one with light. Plant one in soil and one in rocks. Water one plant and don’t water another. Observe what happens and record the plants growth.
  • Kids love having outdoor science hunts! Go outside and get students to share where they see things that plants need (soil, bees, butterflies, water sources, sunlight).
kindergarten what plants need to grow digital worksheets for Google Slides and Seesaw
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