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Space Theme 3rd Grade Sight Words Activity

I created the Space Theme 3rd Grade Sight Words Activity to bring in a reading component to a space theme! Sight words games and activities keep learning interesting for students. The free download includes 41 slides! Each slide features rocket-themed alphabet letters and THREE opportunities to work with each word: Read It/Type It/Build It!

Space Theme 3rd Grade Sight Words Activity

“My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.” Remember that? Perhaps you learned a different mnemonic to learn the order of the planets? If you learned planet names before 2006, mother was likely serving “nine pizzas” instead of noodles!

Regardless of how and when you learned about our solar system, you likely remember it because it’s a rather fascinating theme! Your students will readily engage in learning about the universe beyond planet Earth.

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Third Grade Sight Words

Sight words, sometimes called high frequency words, are words that we want readers to quickly recognize and read by sight to improve fluency. Historically, many teachers teach sight words in a way that encourages kids to memorize these commonly found words with flash cards or repetition.

However, research on how the brain learns to read is now increasingly apparent that recognizing the words by sight is not enough. Learners should instead be taught how to decode the words first, and then the automaticity of reading sight words will follow.

Some of the words included in the Dolch sight words list are readily decodable, while others follow less common spelling patterns. Regardless, teachers should teach their specific grade-level lists by highlighting the letter/sound correspondences for each sight word.

You can begin teaching sight words for kids at the pre-primer level. The lists then progress to Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. Third grade is the final list of sight words.

Give your students lots of repetition, practice, and word study and they will build confidence and fluency as young readers. Zingo Sight Words is a fun game bringing fast-paced excitement to the learning process!

Thirs grade digital sight words activity free to play.

Dolch Sight Words 3rd Grade List

Ever wonder the history behind the Dolch word lists? In 1948, Edward William Dolch, PhD, compiled the list and published it in his book, “Problems in Reading.” He included words commonly found in children’s reading books of the 1930s and 40s. There are 41 words included in the list:


How to Use the Digital Space Theme 3rd Grade Sight Words List

Click on the link below. Then, choose which version you want: Google Slides, Seesaw, or self-correcting Boom cards. When you click on the link, it will open in the appropriate app and you’re good to go.

In Google Slides, after clicking on the Slides link, click the blue button that says, “Make a Copy.” This ensures that you have your own copy of the slideshow.

In Slides, make sure you are in “Edit” mode, as opposed to “Present” mode. You will see the “Present” button in the upper right hand corner.

In Slides, just click on the letter to highlight the box in blue and drag it when the cursor resembles a plus sign with an arrow on each end.

In Seesaw, use the Text tool (click on the large T) to be able to highlight each rocket letter to move it.

Finally, if you choose self-correcting Boom cards, remember you must be connected to the Internet in order for the cards to work.

3rd grade sight words digital game with a space theme.

How to Maximize Learning for Students

I recommend customizing the slideshow for your unique learners. Small doses of perhaps 10 words at a time will be more manageable for students still learning the words. After they have been introduced to the spelling patterns of all 41 words, they can practice with the complete activity.

Please keep in mind the importance of teaching and reinforcing the spelling patterns of each word. Over time, your students will begin to recognize and apply these letter/sound associations to brand new words!

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Play Games

After you practice second grade sight words using this fun rocket activity, try playing another game with flash cards or try a game like Zingo sight words.

Sight Word Sentences

Create sight word sentences with your child. Can they make up a sentence using the word? Can they make the sentence outer space themed?

Take it Hands-on

Try some hands on word building by creating the word using play dough, wiki sticks, or unifix cubes.

Unique Writing Experiences

Practice writing the word on a whiteboard, chalk board, or on construction paper with markers.

Sight Word Race

Make flash cards with the words from the second grade sight word list. Carry them in your bag and practice reading them when you have spare time or are out running errands. Make it a game and see how many your child can read in a minute. Can they beat their record next time?

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Space Theme 3rd Grade Sight Words Activity
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