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Sunflower Theme Missing Numbers Interactive Game for Kindergarten

Sunflowers: bright, cheery, large, and faithful to their leader, the SUN! I don’t think you spy a patch of sunflowers without thinking cheerful thoughts. A sunflower theme need not stop at party decorations, bridal showers, or baby shower themes.

It can also merge right into your fall kindergarten lesson plans! That is why I created this adorable sunflower-themed digital activity for you!

Sunflower Theme Missing Numbers Interactive Game for Kindergarten
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The Sunflower Theme Missing Numbers Interactive Game for Kindergarten is the perfect way to practice missing numbers 0-10 for kids! This engaging math activity allows kiddos to brush up on counting, sequencing, number identification, and determining the missing number! I created it in three versions so you can pick the one that works for you: Seesaw, Boom Cards, and Google Slides!

I added a self-correcting feature to this sunflower Google Slides theme activity that I’m excited to share with you. Students can click and drag the number into place, then click on the blue, “next slide” link. The link will bring them to a slide that says, “Hooray! Click the basket to continue,” or “Uh oh! Click the Flower to Try Again.”

Find the missing number game for Kindergarten with a sunflower theme.

How to Use the Sunflower Kindergarten Math Digital Number Game

How to Get the Activity

  • Enter your email below and then check your email to get the digital activity.
  • When you open the file you can click on the format that you prefer to use: Google Slides, Seesaw and/or Boom Cards®.

Google Slides

  • If you are downloading the Google Slides version you will be prompted to “Make a copy”.  This is an important step you need to complete to make sure you get an editable version to share with your students!
  • In Slides, make sure you are in “Present” mode. You will see the “Present” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • In Slides, click on the appropriate number to highlight it with a blue border.


  • If you choose the Seesaw version, click the Seesaw image to instantly add it to your Seesaw library.

Boom Cards®

  • To upgrade to self-checking Boom Cards®, click on the image to purchase the deck to use with your students.
Choose the version of digital activity you prefer

How to Use the Self-Checking Feature in Google Slides

A little pre-teaching goes a long way with this activity for missing numbers. Model for your students how to click on the number to outline the number in a blue box. Next, tell them they can check their answer by clicking on the blue words that say, “Next slide.”

If the slide has a boy on it with the words, “Uh oh!” they should click on the large sunflower to go back and try again. If the slide has a girl on it with the words, “Hooray!” they should click on the basket to go to the next slide.

Even non-readers can learn where and how to click, they will quickly catch on when redirected to either the same slide or a new slide.

Digital missing number game for kids.

More Activities for Teaching Missing Numbers

When children can easily identify which number is missing in a sequence, they have the number sense to move forward to more advanced concepts, like addition and subtraction, and fact families.

Math lessons in kindergarten must include hands-on activities and counting games for children to practice missing numbers for kids in ways that aren’t boring or tedious like fill-in-the-missing number worksheets can be.

Instead, stock your math centers with manipulatives and games for children to work on math skills in meaningful ways.

Find the missing number digital activity being played on a tablet.

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Play Games

Use a deck of cards: Flip over three cards, then put them into sequence smallest to largest (or largest to smallest). Children can play independently or with a partner/small group.

Clip Cards

Create clip cards that feature a series of numbers with one or more missing. Students use numbered clothespins to clip the missing number(s) into place. Turn this digital activity into a free printable kindergarten worksheet for missing numbers by having students clip the appropriate number at the bottom of each slide!

Hundreds Chart

Use a laminated hundreds chart with random empty boxes. Students can use dry/wet erase markers to fill in the missing numbers again and again.

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Sunflower Theme Missing Numbers Interactive Game for Kindergarten
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