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Counting to 20 Seesaw and Google Slides Apple Activities for Kindergarten

This free printable of counting 1-20 is relatable to most children who have picked, planted, and eaten apples. BONUS… what kid doesn’t love technology and working on a computer or tablet?! These Kindergarten Google and Seesaw could be the perfect apple unit activity for your math centers, or used for any time of the year because well…apples are delicious!

One of the goals in Kindergarten is to get our children excited about learning new concepts and establishing how we will use these concepts and ideas in our future education. Math can sometimes be an unpopular subject with students. Try providing our little learners with ways to ‘play’ with math, touch, manipulate and visualize different math concepts by using real apples or apple manipulatives. Using fun apple theme activities is a great way to get kids engaged.

Apple-themed Google slides or Seesaw activity for kindergarteners to practice counting to 20.

Learning About Math for Kindergarten:

beginning kindergarten math


Do I have more or less snack then my friend? How many different ways can I get to 6? Which apple tree is bigger? What shapes are these buildings made of?

This activity can also be differentiated by counting in the student’s home language, using only numbers 1 to 10, or completed in a group.

It’s also a great idea to incorporate different apple books for kindergarten as well as exploring the life cycle of an apple tree in a science unit for your apple lesson plans for kindergarten.

In addition to learning about math skills for kindergarten here are some more ideas for what you can teach about using the counting to 20 Google/Seesaw digital activity:

  • What color pattern can we make using red, yellow, and green apples?
  • What things does an apple seed need to grow?
  • What kind of animals and insects live in apple trees?
  • Can you think of other words that begin with the letter “a” like in “apple”?
Kindergarten students practice counting to 20 by placing the correct number of apples in the tree in this fun digital math activity.

What Can Kindergarteners Learn By Counting?

free google slides for kindergarten math


  • Which has more red apples or green apples?
  • What number comes after 4 and before 6?
  • Do you see the same number of green and yellow apples? How many are there?
Students will love this apple-themed beginning kindergarten math activity to practice counting to 20.

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How To Use This Digital Counting Activity:


How to Get the Activity

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  • In Slides, make sure you are in “Edit” mode, as opposed to “Present” mode. You will see the “Present” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • In Slides, just click on the symbol box to highlight it in blue and drag it when the cursor resembles a plus sign with an arrow on each end.
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Students practice how to count to 20 by placing the given number of apples in the tree in this digital activity.

Easy Ways to Extend the Activity

Make a Pattern

Create apple cards/pictures for the children to make different patterns with. This could be as simple as AB patterns or as difficult at AABA.

Take it Hands-on

Try some hands on manipulatives for counting such as small apple erasers or counters, buttons, pieces of cereal, or other small materials.

Writing Experiences

Have students write down the number and number word to go along with the amount they counted.

Word Problems

Create different word problems to go along with the slides to practice adding and subtracting. For example: Judy went to the apple orchard and picked 6 green apples. Her friend Doug jumped out of the tree and took 4 apples from her basket. How many apples did Judy have left?

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Kindergarteners practice counting to 20 with this apple-themed digital math activity for Google slides or Seesaw.
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